What is FireWalking? It is the practice of walking Bare foot over a bed of hot embers or stones. Journey with us through the fire, and you will discover an exhilarating world where anything is possible. Everyone will be guided through overcoming their…

History of Firewalking

An ancient practice, firewalking is considered a wonderful example of the mind-body connection at work and a means of demonstrating that we do have control over the process. Firewalking has apparently been practiced for…


Why is Tolly Burkan called the founding father of the firewalking movement?
What is the best book on firewalking?
Where did firewalking originate?
and more!

Why Firewalk?

The true secret to success in any facet of your life is to learn to do the impossible. Once you have conquered the impossible, then the slightly difficult will all of a sudden seem a whole lot easier to accomplish.

There are many fears that are instilled in us right from a very young age, things like fire burns you, sharp objects cut, solid objects can not be broken and hard objects can hurt us. The majority of the population takes these so called lessons and holds on to them extremely tightly. So tightly that they can translate in to our passions, desires, wants and dreams. By overcoming the physical aspects of the obstacle of fire, the once fear is turned into a force that you can master and use in many facets of your life and being.

Firewalking is one of the most powerful tools there is that can help you change your life in a direct, immediate and long lasting positive way. There are thousands of people from around the world who have walked on fire and in turn experienced the extremely powerful benefits it can offer.

The “Power Of The Firewalk” is completely transformational experience that is different to each and every person who “walks on fire”. The power that you will feel from passing over a bed of red-hot coals unharmed is one of the most spiritual experiences of a lifetime. It will lift you to new heights and allow you to see as well as do things that you could have never imagined before.

It was an extremely powerful experience for me to walk on fire and that is why I have become a Firewalk Instructor.

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Steve Whiteside